Razer Surround Sound Pro 7.1 + Universal Activaton Code

Razer Surround is 3D 7.1 surround sound software for Windows. You point it at whatever sound output you’d like to use, and then it sends headphone surround audio out of that device via a virtual sound card. Windows sees and treats the virtual device just like a full 7.1 system, so games that have trouble detecting surround hardware shouldn’t have any issues here.

The Razer Surround app is available as a free download for PCs. There is a Pro version that you can buy but here you will get it for free and it will give you a more immersive listening and gaming experience.

Razer Surround Pro Registered

If you’re an audio purist, you might hate it…but for everyone else, hey it’s free, go get it!

Here You can get free Razor Surround Sound 7.1 Pro Free Activation Code

It sounds great! The surround effect is very convincing, particularly for the side and back channels. They fly really far out into the room behind you, and positioning is accurate. Sound isn’t mangled with any harsh reverb or room simulation effects. Unlike Sony’s 3D Audio, there’s no vertical positioning here…but the software still does an excellent job of creating a surround experience with headphones. Sound transitions seamlessly between the channels for a proper, naturally panned effect.

The Pro upgrade is absolutely worth it. You’ll get surround and EQ functionality that some other companies charge an arm and a leg for, requiring dedicated processing boxes in the process.


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